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5 kW Off Grid system, Thalawathugoda – Dr. Sham Kularathne

Client’s name :

Dr. Sham Kularathne

Commissioned Date :

25th January 2023

Category :

Off-Grid Solar System

PV Panel Capacity :

3.7 kWp

Location :

Mattegoda, Sri Lanka.

Inverter Brand & Rating :

Growatt Single phase 5 kW Off-Grid inverter

Energy Storage :

6.65 kWh LiFePo4 ESS (Assembled in Sri Lanka)

System description

  • The main purpose of the installed system is to ensure an uninterruptable power supply while reducing the utility bill of the residence.

  • One two story house, a medical center and an annexure was power using the installed system with a careful study about the load profiles of each case.

Design Considerations

  • The battery bank was proudly designed and developed by Phoenix Solar Solutions (PVT) Ltd, and the total capacity is 6.65 kWh.

  • Sizing of the battery bank, PV array and the inverter was done by analyzing the load profile of the house and the solar irradiation levels of the location.

Advantages of the system

  • Ensuring an uninterruptable power supply to the residents

  • Being able to energy independent and contribute towards reducing the carbon footprint of the country.

  • Hassle free implementation of the system and reducing the monthly utility bill without Grid interconnection.

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