Phoenix Solar Solution

1 Hp Pumping system, Buttala – Mr. Suraj De Silva

Client’s name :

Mr. Suraj de Silva

Commissioned Date :

28th December 2021

Category :

Solar Pumping System

PV Panel capacity :

900 Wp

Location :

Buttala, Sri Lanka

Type of Pump :

Permanent Magnet DC Centrifugal pump

Power Rating :

1 Hp

System description

  • The agricultural land is situated in a remote location, away from national grid supply. The system totally operates off the grid and powered by a PV array of 900 Wp

  • The customer wanted to fill his 5000 Liter water tank and use the excess volume to water the crops. The pump was selected in a way such that this requirement could be fulfilled within the budget expectations.

Design Considerations

  • The suction head of the system is 8m and the pumping head is around 12m. The flow rate of the pump under these conditions is around 1000 Liters per hour at standard test conditions.

  • A pump was directly powered from PV panel output without using a separate controller. The speed and the torque of the pump is automatically controlled with respect to the available solar irradiation.

Advantages of the system

  • Very economical rather than using fossil fuels or electricity for agricultural water pumping purposes. The overall operating cost of the system is minimal.

  • Solar pumping systems are ideal for remote locations where electricity is not available. They can provide a reliable source of water for remote communities, livestock, and agriculture.

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