Phoenix Solar Solution

5 kW On-Grid System, Nugegoda – Ms. Gayathri Gunawardena

Client’s name :

Ms. Gayathri Gunawardena

Commissioned Date :

10th February 2023

Category :

On-Grid Solar System

Location :

Jubilee post, Nugegoda

Inverter Brand & Rating :

GoodWe Single phase 5 kW String Inverter

PV Panel capacity :

2.2 kWp

System description

  • The system is capable of making the monthly utility bill zero through the interconnection with LECO. PV array was designed and sized according to match the consumption of the customer and the inverter was selected in such a way that future expansion of the PV array is possible.

  • Installed PV capacity is 2.2 kWp and the system generates 200 – 250 units per month, as an average. Expected generation per annum is around 3000 kWh (units).

Design Considerations

  • The system was designed using the existing PV array of the Off-Grid solar system and smooth coordination between the systems was ensured.

  • Room for future expansion of the PV array is kept and the array could be expanded up to 5.5 kWp

Advantages of the system

  • The main function of the system is to make the utility bill zero throughout the year by exporting the excess generation of the PV array to the national grid.

  • The inverter is covered by a 10-year product warranty and hence the system is highly reliable and economical.

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