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10 kW Hybrid System, Kaduruduwa - Mr. Chamath Kulasinghe

Client’s name :

Mr. Chamath Kulasinghe

Commissioned Date :

20th December 2022

Category :

Solar Hybrid System

Location :

Thilaka road, Kaduruduwa, Moratuwa

Inverter Brand & Rating :

Deye Three phase 10kW hybrid Inverter

Battery Capacity :

10 kWh LiFePo4 Power wall

System description

  • The system was installed as a solution to the existing power cuts in the country and to make the utility bill zero.

  • The inverter is capable of exporting the generated power to the national grid and generating an extra income for the excess energy exported.

Design Considerations

  • Smooth coordination between Inverter, generator and utility supply was ensured to form a mini micro grid type application at the premises.

  • The premises powered up two energy meters by two different single phase 30A connections. The inverter wiring was done in such a way that all the loads connected to both the meters receive backup power during power outages

Advantages of the system

  • The system is functioning as a Hybrid system that seamlessly operates along with the grid power.

  • Power outages can be withstood easily using the system

  • Ensuring an automatic and smooth power transfer between utility power and the inverter power supply

  • Hazard-free and maintenance-free LiFePo4 battery bank was used in the system.

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