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Major Components In A Solar Off-Grid System

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  • Solar Panels

    Solar panels are used to convert incident sunlight into direct current electricity.

  • Solar inverter

    A solar inverter turns the direct current electricity generated by solar panels into alternating current electricity, which is then utilized to power appliances.

  • Charge Controller

    A charge controller (charge regulator) limits the flow of current to the battery and avoids overcharging, which can shorten the battery’s life. A charge controller also aids in preventing battery deep discharge.

  • Batteries

    Batteries are used to store the power generated by solar panels, which is then used during the night or when there is no sunlight.

  • Diesel Generator

    A diesel generator (D.G), also known as a gen-set, is utilized as a backup power source when your solar batteries have totally depleted and you want to power. D.G should be large enough to power your appliances while also charging your solar batteries.

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What Is A Solar Hybrid System?

As the name implies, a solar off grid system is a solar system that is not connected to the power grid.

The energy generated by solar panels is stored in batteries in an off-grid solar system, and when power is required, electricity is drawn from the batteries to power key loads.

Electricity generation, conversion, and storage necessitate a large number of components.

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How Solar Off-Grid System Works?

When the sun shines, solar panels convert the incident sunlight into direct current power, which is then delivered into solar batteries after passing through a charge controller, which limits the current going into the battery and prevents it from overcharging.

The DC electricity from the batteries is fed into an off-grid solar inverter, which converts the DC electricity into AC electricity. The AC electricity from the inverter is sent into the service panel, which powers your appliances. If you use a diesel generator (D.G) as a backup, it is also linked to the solar inverter.

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Behavior of the system
in Various Scenarios

  • When the sun shines

    When the sun shines, your solar will generate electricity, which you will consume, and the remaining electricity will be stored in the batteries. If the batteries are fully charged, the charge controller will cut them off to prevent overcharging.

  • Late at night

    There will be no electricity generation from solar panels at night because there is no sun. Whatever power you have stored in the batteries during the day will be used at night, and if your batteries are depleted, your diesel generator will kick in.

  • During Heavy Rain

    If there is cloud cover or heavy rain for two days, your batteries should have enough power to power basic appliances for two days. In heavy rain, most solar panels only generate 10% – 20% of their optimal generation, which will not charge your batteries. Another option is to purchase a diesel generator and utilize it as a backup in case of emergency.

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